Camping Mihinoa




Who we are...
A simple family, tipical mixture of the polinesian islands. At present we live in front of the sea, fizzy, as the sea always is in Rapa Nui.
Our history happens between sunrise in Tahiti and the cultive of pearls...and colorful sunsets in our home in Hanga Piko.

We have cultural and familiy projects that we managed to merge with our hope to shape with you. This is our alternative way of life.
Our main activities are all those related to the personal attention we want to offer to the travelers in our camping.

When the tide is good we go fishing and looking for the seathistles and shells found in  the rocks just a few meters from our camping.


IORANA           Price from May and August  2015 (Welcome to camping mihinoa).-




Eastside private rooms (double bed service that includes more private bath).- $ 25,000 CLP.- (per night).

Note: This service includes access to lockers with own kitchen where you will find services available (plates, forks, knives, coffee) for your daily work. Equipped kitchen shared with customers in main kitchen of the camping Mihinoa.-

Private rooms West side (service that includes a double bed, plus bathroom CLP.- private.- $ 35,000 (per night).

Note: This service kitchen shared only with 1 bedroom annex, available equipped kitchen.


Share House North side (room service that includes only men or only women, or mixed double room based
on type of reserve capacity 11 people).

The availability of multiple occupancy has access to shared bathrooms and kitchen freely available.

House detail values ​​shared rooms:

Room only men or only women. Value $ 10.000 (per person per night).-

Double room (including private bathroom). Value $ 25.000 (per night).-

Note: This service includes shared equipped kitchen and shared bathrooms for rooms single man or women or mixed according
to the type of reservation.


East Side shared rooms (including room service only men or only women, such as reserves).

Room only men or only women. Value $ 12.000 (per person per night).-

Observation: Room Service including divisions in total beds for 8 people, which share a common equipped kitchen and bathroom.



Camping services for 1 or 2 nights: $ 10,000 CLP.- (per person per night)

Services camping for 3 or more nights:
- Full service camping (including tent, mattress, sleeping bag) .- CLP.- $ 7,000 (per person, per night)
- Camping Customer Service brings its own equipment.- $ 6,500 CLP.- (per person, per night)

Both services include access to a fully equipped kitchen (each tourist is responsible for what occupies left clean for a good living), lockers to
availability (where you will find services, plates and cups) and access to hot showers.

Note: We have wireless Internet access and electricity for charging tablet's, cellular and others.
Note 1: The camping sites without electricity, each client must bring your own flashlight.
Note 2: kitchen and dining rooms and reception have light.
Note 3: Transfers to and from the airport is a free service for our customers.


Laundry $ 5.000 (per charge)

- Note: House tourist bring your own towels, toilet paper, dish soap and matches or lighters.


Check in  at 14.00 pm

Check Out in at 09.00 am


Transfers to and from the airport is free. The day of your arrival we will be waiting inside the airport at our stand. Open a blackboard with the name of customers with reservations.





We will wait for you






                                                              Avenida Pont S/N - Teléfono: (032) 2551593 - Fax: celular + 56 9 92154917
                                                  - Caleta Hanga Piko, Isla Pascua - Chile