13 Photo-to-Video Editing Applications

13 Photo-to-Video Editing Applications and Their Advantages

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Editing photos into videos can now be done more efficiently using an application accessed via a PC or Android smartphone.

The following is a review of any photo-to-video editing application that can be accessed easily through a PC or smartphone.

List of 13 Photo-to-Video Editing Apps


The first photo-to-video editing application that can be accessed for free via Android is Kinemaster. The rating of the Kinemaster video editing application is relatively high on the Google Play Store and has been downloaded 100 million times.

Kinemaster entered into an application that can edit photos into videos with practicality. This one application can even be run for those who are just learning to edit pictures into videos. The features in the Kinemaster application can be run efficiently with satisfactory results.

The features in this application are pretty diverse and exciting. One of them is a video filter that allows editing results to be more precise and more beautiful. This application also provides a transition video effect feature so that that photo changes will have a unique look.

Photos edited into videos through Kinemaster can also be given sound effects through the audio filters feature. Kinemaster also provides a green screen that can emphasize the appearance of each photo when it is edited into a video.

The Kinemaster application, which can edit photos into videos, is highly recommended for beginners. You need to prepare a storage space of about 87 MB to install the Kine Master application on an Android smartphone.


Editing photos into slideshow videos can be done quickly through the quick application installed on Android. The process of editing pictures into videos through the fast application can be done automatically. You only need to select a few photos to be edited into a slideshow video.

Quik will automatically edit the slideshow video after the user selects some photos. The slideshow video edits created automatically by Quik are available in several versions, so you can choose the one you want.

This photo-to-video editing application doesn’t have many features, so users don’t need to feel confused about operating it. The processing of photo editing into videos through Quik, which is almost entirely done automatically, makes this application rated 4 in the play store.

The results of editing photos into video slideshows through the quick application are also quite satisfying. Quik is the correct application for those who want to make video slideshows quickly and without hassle. Moreover, this application does not have many confusing tools for its users.


FilmoraGo is a photo editing application to become a video for Android that is very well known. There are so many editing features in FilmoraGo so that the resulting video can be displayed attractively with a high-resolution level.

The filmorago application can also be run lightly through an Android smartphone with its straightforward tools to understand. You can combine many photos into a video slideshow with the help of Filmorago and can provide additional special editing.

The features provided in the FilmoraGo application include adding text to videos, both as subtitles and explanatory captions. In addition, this application also allows you to add filters to each video that is being edited.

Filmorago also has a background feature that can build an atmosphere in video edits. Photos that are turned into videos via filmorago will look like the results of a professional editor because the results are undeniable.

Many exciting features in the filmorago editing application can be accessed for free after installing the application. However, if you want to get the complete package filmorago application that can access all its features without exception, you have to pay for a premium subscription.


The next application that can be accessed easily is vivavideo. The advantage of Vivavideo is that it can be used to convert many photos into videos with an attractive appearance in one editing process.

VivaVideo is one of the most sought-after video editing applications for Android users. This is because the VivaVideo application is immensely user-friendly to be installed on various types of Android. Its operation, when used for video editing, is also relatively easy.

One of the advantages of the VivaVideo application is that it provides a storyboard-based view when used to convert photos into videos. In addition, each photo that will be edited can also be added with filters from this application, with some choices reaching 400.

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VivaVideo also provides a feature for adding text with various fonts that can be adapted to the video model. In addition, VivaVideo also provides many audio options that can be input into photo editing results into the video.

The results of editing photos into videos through the VivaVideo application can be adjusted for speed. This application provides video editing options ranging from slow to fast motion. The ease of editing photos into videos makes this application have a high rating on the Google Play Store.


For beginners who want to learn to edit photos into videos through the photo editing application into Android videos but don’t want to use many tools, it is highly recommended to try funimate. Funimate is an editing application that is currently widely installed because it can simply create slideshows.

The process of creating a slideshow video using the funimate app is straightforward. You only need to select a few photos to edit. Furthermore, funimate will process the creation of a slideshow video automatically, which can be given additional editing to beautify the result.

Funimate has a large selection of transition effects to make photo edits into videos more engaging. In addition, the funimate application also provides many funny impacts that can be used on the results of photo editing into the slideshow video.

The tools in the funimate application are effortless but can be used to create video slideshows equivalent to a professional editor. In addition, funimate editing applications can also follow the trend that is currently popular.

AVS Video Editor

AVS video editor is a photo-to-video editing application that can be accessed via a PC. This slideshow video editing application provides a variety of full editing features, and the types of tools in it are quite diverse.

AVS video editor application can be used easily because it looks pretty simple for users. The advantage of the AVS video editor is that it can separate the slideshow video editing process because it is equipped with a timeline feature.

The timeline feature in the AVS video editor application allows users to separate photo and video editing processes. This photo-to-video editing application also provides a wide selection of transition effects to make the slideshow more attractive.

The editor can also add a video with supporting text and background in the AVS video editor application. The completeness of the features in the AVS video editor allows this application to create slideshows with a short duration.

Another advantage that AVS video editor has is that it is equipped with a video cache to dispose of edited trash. The function of this video cache is to facilitate the editing process so that it does not experience lag and can produce HD quality.


The photo-editing application into Camtasia video can be accessed easily through a Windows or Mac-type laptop. Camtasia is widely chosen for editing photos into videos on laptops because it is equipped with a user interface, making it easy to use.

Camtasia is an application that can edit photos into videos with a full range of features. You can add text to the slideshow video that is being edited without fear of lag.

The editing application that can be accessed via the laptop also provides several animation effects in the video. Its simple appearance makes every tool in the Camtasia application easy to use to edit photos into videos.

Photos edited into videos in the Camtasia application can also be set in duration, ranging from short to long. Camtasia is also very suitable for editing photos into videos accompanied by music because the application provides many good background options.


Avidemux is the next editing application that can be accessed through a computer very easily. This application has a much simpler appearance than the others. Even so, the quality of the video edited via Avidemux can’t be doubted either.

Video results edited through the Avidemux application can be converted into various types of files, ranging from MP4, ASF, to MPEG. Avidemux can be used to turn photos into videos automatically by selecting the image to be edited.

Its very simple appearance allows editing photos into videos using the Avidemux application can be done very quickly. Users can also add filters to the slideshow video if they are not satisfied with the appearance of the automatic edits.

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Avidemux is chosen by beginners who are just learning to master slideshow video editing via PC. The application is supported by a simple display and equipped with simple tools that are easy for users to understand when editing photos into videos.

Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is the right choice for those who are looking for a photo-to-video editing application with various updated features. Pinnacle studio is often the best video editing application that can be accessed via a PC and is equipped with a user interface.

There are various kinds of editing support features in the Pinnacle Studio application so that the slideshow video results will look more attractive. The tools in this application are very sophisticated compared to other video editing applications.

The HD quality of photo editing that is converted into video through pinnacle studio cannot be doubted. Pinnacle studio also provides more than 1000 effects and video templates that its users can access to support editing.

Users must subscribe first if they want to access various advanced features in this pinnacle studio application. However, you don’t need to worry because the fee you have to pay for this application is relatively cheap under the various features available.

Windows Movie Maker

The next photo-to-video editing application that can be accessed via a PC or laptop is Windows Movie Maker. This software is undoubtedly familiar because it has existed in the list of video editing applications via notebooks for quite a long time.

Windows Movie Maker is the lightest photo-to-video editing application on a PC or laptop. The application developed by Microsoft initiated video editing software through other PCs.

In general, windows movie maker is accessed by beginners who want to learn to understand photo-to-video editing tools. This is because the Windows Movie Maker software tools are very few, so it doesn’t take long to understand it.

The results of editing photos into videos through the Windows Movie Maker application are also no less good than other applications. You can change the filter of the edited slideshow video according to the features in the Windows Movie Maker application.

Motion Stills

Motion stills are the next slideshow video editing application widely chosen because it is equipped with augmented reality. The technology that makes photo editing results into video through motion stills can move with transitions that look natural.

The motion stills editing application also provides a large selection of tools that users can access to beautify the editing results. Motion stills also offer a wide selection of objects added to photos while editing them into videos.

The results of video editing using motion stills are usually directed to show something that looks fun. A wide selection of additional objects supports this, both in the form of images and gifs in the motion stills application.


Vimage is an application for editing photos into videos developed by Cinemagraph. This application provides a wide selection of features that make the video display look smooth and attractive.

This application will also display video editing results with high resolution so that each image can be seen clearly. Users can connect vimage with other social media to make it easier to share edited videos.

There are various kinds of exciting filters provided in the application to edit photos into vimage videos. One of the most popular filters in the vimage video editing application is self and real-time.

The features in the vimage editing application are straightforward, with easy access for its users. Vimage is also widely downloaded because all the filters and tools are effortless for users to learn.


The last photo-editing application that users can easily access is loopsie. This software can turn photos into videos with 3D effects through various excellent features.

Loopsie can be used to turn photos into videos with a unique impression different from the results of other editing applications. This application is also equipped with an integrated video camera to take your own recorded images as raw material for editing.

Another not-to-miss advantage of the loopsie is that it comes with vibration canceling, so you don’t need a tripod. Loopsie is perfect for those of you who want to become a professional video editor.

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