how you can still invest money successfully

5 tips on how you can still invest money successfully even in times of negative interest rates

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Who would have thought that the most conservative form of investment – the classic savings account – would one day become so unattractive. Okay, it was never really “sexy” to get 1-2% interest on your monthly deposited reserves, but it was safe. No risk of a stock market crash, no risk from gambling fund managers.

But this certainty fluctuates. This is due to the persistently low interest rates, which are good for builders, but extremely unsuitable for traditional savers. And so you stand there as a normal mortal saver and have to consider whether you want to continue to watch how your own assets on the savings account are decreasing at -1% / year, or whether you shouldn’t be in the shark tank of stocks, investments and dares to return.

Not all funds are the same. Even for cautious investors, banks and insurance companies have numerous alternatives for every budget and every risk appetite. Because one thing has to be clear: there is no longer one hundred percent security!

Do it yourself

Spread as broadly as possible

Of course, you can double your money quickly if you put all-in on the right stock at the right moment. But you can just as quickly lose everything if the hot tip wasn’t so great in the end. The wider you spread your system, the less risk you have. If the profits in the individual areas are no longer that high – neither will the losses. You should definitely make sure to invest across sectors (food, high-tech, energy, raw materials, etc.).

Take your time

Risk, return and time are closely linked. Often a short-term, drastic drop in price is compensated for in the medium term and in the end the purchase price is exceeded again. Short-term returns can only be achieved by risking a lot. But if you want to secure your pension with an investment, you should go to work cautiously and not panic (sell).

Define your play money

If you enjoy investing and are after faster and higher profits, then combine security and risk. Define part of the grand total for the safe path and take the other to follow trends, make short term investments and then add the (hopefully) profits made to the safety portion. Always use this portion of the game.

With investment advisor

For the security minded

If you want advice and want to entrust your money to someone else: Choose multi-manager products, i.e. combinations of different top investment companies with strict, pre-determined risk limits and the aim of achieving the most stable growth possible through diversification.

For risk takers

Rely on dynamic forms of investment with a “parachute”, where the focus is on the return, but thanks to the installation of a fixed maximum loss, you know your risk exactly when you sign the contract. This gives you the opportunity to fully participate in the upward movements of the markets.

NEW from October 2019

Invest with Pimco Pop without fear of price fluctuations

The alliance will start a new type of investment in October. The amount of money deposited is not invested all at once, but only a partial amount spread over the months. In this way, price fluctuations are absorbed and the risk of an unfavorable time to buy is largely minimized.

Invest money and do something for the environment

Allianz recently announced the creation of the Net Zero Asset Owner Alliance at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in New York . This group – consisting of a dozen international investors with total assets under management of $ 2.4 trillion – is committed to investing ALL assets in a fully carbon neutral manner by the middle of this century.

Nothing new for Allianz, by the way. Our partner committed itself to this goal last year with its 800 billion dollar capital.

Our mission: to define the right strategy together with you

True to our philosophy We accompany you from the initial consultation to the payment and support you in selecting the ideal products for you. Regardless of whether with an existing sum or increasing with periodic payments.

Through our proven partner Allianz we have access to innovative systems for risk control, the analysis of the financial markets and the socio-economic context as well as the microanalysis of companies and businesses. The labels: Grassroots Research , Risk Lab , BlackRock Aladdin . Global as well as local trends can thus be recognized and used at an early stage.

Our investment experts in Bolzano, Neumarkt, Kaltern and the Sarntal will be happy to advise you, create an individual investment plan with you and support you in choosing the right solutions and strategies for you.

Arrange a non-binding consultation appointment now and make sure that the loss in your savings account is a thing of the past!

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