5 Tourist Attractions In South Korea, Romantic, And Instagramable

5 Tourist Attractions In South Korea, Romantic, And Instagramable

Tourist Attractions in South Korea present the charm of an instagramable place. In addition, the imagination in each tourist spot creates a romantic atmosphere, as presented in Korean dramas.

Currently, South Korea is one of the most popular destinations in the world. It was recorded that in 2019, tourist visits to South Korea reached 17.5 million people.

This figure is a new record for the South Korean tourism sector. And according to the author’s analysis, this cannot be separated from the booming role of Korean drama, as well as K-pop songs that are always viral, especially in Indonesia.

In addition to the stories in the drama, which present a romantic plot that makes you Feel into it, and makes you laugh, on the other hand, the films present a setting and a view of nature that makes the atmosphere even more romantic. Even though the spot is in the city center.

I personally have watched Korean drama several times, out of curiosity why so many people are addicted to it, and Feeling into it with Korean drama.

It turns out that the film is indeed a good one, from the narration to the combination of the setting. The impression for the writer is especially when the setting of the film is in Tourist Attractions in South Korea when winter arrives. Snow, thick jackets, romantic music, addictive to watch again.

I think Kpopers understand this better than the writer. Ok, let’s continue the trip to the Tourist Attractions in South Korea that we have prepared for you.

5 Tourist Attractions in South Korea

1. Myeongdong Street

Myeongdong Street

The first tourist attraction in South Korea, we start from Seoul. Seoul is the capital of South Korea, and a popular tourist spot in Seoul, South Korea, is named Myeongdong Street.

An area that becomes a shopping center, ranging from fashion, culinary, beauty center, to the center of government. The visitors can walk in the area while shopping, taking photos while hunting culinary.

2. Cheonggyecheon


Still about tourist attractions in Seoul, South Korea. The name of the attraction is Cheonggyecheon. A place that offers instagramable spots, combined with the feel of open nature, as well as an urban feel.

Cheonggyecheon is a well-organized river, as well as being a very historic artificial river for the people of Seoul in particular.

In this place, festivals and art exhibitions are often held. Cheonggyecheon usually starts to get crowded in the late afternoon.

The flow of water becomes colored due to the influence of the lights. Besides the river flow, there are lots of Instagramable photo spots. This is one of the romantic, and Instagramable places in Seoul, South Korea.

3. Changdeokgung


Changdeokgung is the next South Korean tourist spot. Namely a historic palace, and get the status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The palace has typical South Korean architecture. Amazingly, if the visitors who come to Changdeokgung wear typical South Korean clothes, then the ticket price is free.

Changdeokgung Location: Jong-No Gu, South Korea
Changdeokgung Admission Fee: 3000 won for adults.

4. Nami Island

Nami Island

If you like watching Korean dramas, then Kpopers must visit this place, which is called Nami Island. Nami Island is a beautiful island that is often used as a filming location for South Korean films.

Winter Sonata, is one of the most famous films ever made on Nami Island. The romantic atmosphere is also Instagramable, is the main attraction of the island.

Location of Nami Island: Gangwon-Do, South Korea.
Nami Island entrance ticket price: 10,000 won.

5. Jeju Island

Jeju Island

Tourist attractions in South Korea are then called Jeju Island, or Jeju Island. This island is very famous because of the charm of its natural beauty.

In addition, there are other spots that can be visited when tourists are on Jeju Island. As:

  • Beach,
  • Waterfall,
  • restaurant,
  • Museum,
  • Temple.

Don’t forget to also capture your beautiful moments with your loved one while on Jeju Island.

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