5 Tourist Attractions in Spain, Not Just About El Clasico

Tourist Attractions in Spain

Tourist attractions in Spain are iconic tourist attractions and have a very high historical civilization value. So it’s only natural that Spain is one of the countries frequented by tourists from various countries.

For those who only know Spain at a glance, of course, the country is only synonymous with the Matador, or the classic duel between FC Barcelona Vs Real Madrid, or what is called El Clasico.

In fact, the world’s eyes are on Spain not just these two things. Many recommended tourist attractions to visit. All the required tourist themes, fully presented in Spain.

Spain at a Glance

Geographically, Spain’s maritime boundary is the Atlantic Ocean. The land borders are as follows:

  • To the south, it is bordered by Morocco and Gibraltar.
  • In the west, it is lined by Portugal.

In addition, Spain is the 5th largest country in Europe, as well as the 2nd largest country in Western Europe. From an economic perspective, the tourism sector has a very large contribution to state revenue.

Spain at a Glance

Even in 2017, Spain became the number 2 country as the country most frequently visited by foreign tourists.

Not without reason, of course, its natural views, climate, fashion, and iconic and historic infrastructure, become a row of reasons for tourists to visit Spain.

5 Tourist Attractions in Spain

1. Camp Nou And Santiago Bernabeu

Santiago Bernabeu

The world of football in Spain is not just a sport. The world of football is able to become an industry that is large enough to contribute to state revenues.

From time to time, star players who have become a world trend have always wanted to set foot in Spain, especially at Barcelona and Real Madrid.

The eyes of the world are always on the classic duel between Barcelona Vs Real Madrid, so often people from various countries want to watch the match live.

In the end, the stadiums of the two clubs became one of the tourist destinations frequented by tourists when visiting Spain.

FC Barcelona’s football stadium is called Camp Nou, which is located in the city of Barcelona. The Real Madrid football stadium, Santiago Bernabeu, is located in the city of Madrid.

Camp Nou And Santiago Bernabeu

Camp Nou is a tourist spot in Spain, Barcelona. Likewise with the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, becoming one of the tourist destinations in the city of Madrid, Spain.

2. Alhambra Palace

Alhambra Palace

Tourist attractions in Spain are located in the city of Granada, Spain. In the city, there is a magnificent and historic palace, called the Alhambra Palace, or also known as the Red Palace.

Alhambra Palace is called the Red Palace because the walls of the palace are red. The palace became a relic, as well as a witness to the glory of the Umayyad power.

Alhambra Castle or Alhambra Palace is so very popular in the eyes of the world. Even if visitors want to enter the palace, they must book an entrance ticket to the Alhambra Palace 4 months in advance.

You can also suddenly order on the spot, but it’s unlikely that tickets will still be left. A visit to the Alhambra Palace can be during the day or at night.

3. Plaza Mayor

Plaza Mayor

Square Mayor is situated in the city of Madrid, Spain, turning into a place of interest that should be visited when you are in Spain.

In Plaza Mayor, different sorts of celebrations are regularly held, just as a culinary the travel industry objective in Madrid. The structures in the space are extremely creative, instagramable, and have high verifiable worth.

In the center of the Plaza Mayor, there is a statue of a horse, as well as a statue of King Philip III riding the horse. Square Mayor building materials are additionally intended to be heatproof.

4. Palacio Real

Palacio Real

The Royal Palace of Madrid, otherwise called the Palacio Real De Madrid, is as yet situated in the city of Madrid, Spain.

Palacio Real is the authority home of the Spanish imperial family. The Royal Palace of Madrid was first based on April 7, 1735.

Previously, the area was the Alcazar area. The term Alcazar alludes to a fortification worked during the Islamic realm in Spain.

Palacio Real De Madrid has an area of ​​​​about 135,000 square meters. It likewise contains many exceptional show-stoppers. There is likewise a gallery where weapons of war date back to the thirteenth century.

  • Location: City of Madrid, Spain.
  • Entrance Fee: €10.00
  • Working Hours: from 10.00 – 20.00 from April – September.
  • Operating Hours: from 10.00-18.00 from October – March.

5. Almeria


The next tourist attraction in Spain that must be visited is Almeria. It is located in the south of Spain, on the eastern edge of Andalusia.

In Almeria, tourists can visit various tourist themes. Starting from nature tourism to world history tourism.

And here are some tourist attractions in Almeria, Spain that is recommended to visit:

  • mini Hollywood,
  • Cabo De Gata,
  • La Alcazaba,
  • Museo Refugio De La Guerra Civil.
  • Roquetas De Mar.

Actually, every city or province in Spain has a variety of world-famous tourist attractions, and Almeria is just one of them.

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