7 Best Sticker Maker Apps on Whatsapp

Best Sticker Maker Apps on Whatsapp

To chat and communicate with friends, of course, we often use the Whatsapp application. Even now, it’s not just writing on Whatsapp. To be more exciting on the sidelines of the chat, sometimes we use the sticker feature provided by Whatsapp so that the conversation does not become dry.

Chatting using stickers or emojis makes our messages more expressive and more able to express what feelings we are feeling.

Recommended 7 Sticker Maker Applications on Whatsapp

But did you know that we can make our stickers on Whatsapp? By making our own WhatsApp stickers, we can be more expressive in expressing what we are feeling.

Then how to make stickers on WhatsApp yourself? We live in an era that is all easy, an era that is all instant and all digital.

We can make our stickers on Whatsapp by using our sticker maker application, which we can get for free, and we install on our smartphones.

For those of you who are still confused about what applications to create WhatsApp stickers on Android.

Below, I have presented some information about some sticker maker applications on WhatsApp that might be suitable for you to use.

Sticker Maker

Being an application that is quite popular among the public because it can make stickers according to our wishes, it is equipped with several features and more modern interface tools to try.

This application is suitable for smartphone users who have little space to download the WhatsApp sticker maker application.

This sticker maker application has several features, such as a straightforward sticker pack maker. Each pack can contain 30 stickers, features that use photos as concepts for stickers, background cutting elements, and export and import features for files.

Sticker Maker Stackify

Like other sticker maker apps, this app has more additional features than other sticker maker apps.

The ease of making stickers in this application only requires a few steps.

There are also additional templates to make the WhatsApp sticker look more attractive when used.

The main features of this application are the crop feature, the feature to add text, a large variety of emoji templates, the art brush feature, and decoration templates.

We Moji

We Moji is one of the best sticker maker apps available for free and can be used on all android users.

Some of the features in this application make it easier for you to make WhatsApp stickers faster.

Some essential features include photo crop feature, adding text for stickers, a combination of text and emoji in one sticker at once, preview various fonts for text, export files, and import files easily.

WA Stickers

An application that is suitable for beginners with features that are almost similar to the others, but this application is an application that has a simple design. There are many different design templates for those of you who want to make stickers.

Essential features in this WA atiker are the easy file retrieval feature from the gallery, the feature to remove the background, the text enhancement feature for inside the sticker, the setting feature for text such as color and size. This application has a feature to send stickers directly.

Not to be outdone by other applications, this application has more advanced and essential features that users can easily use with just a few taps.

You can download this application via the play store. In this application, you can experience exporting stickers directly through the WhatsApp application.

Other features that you can use in this application include the auto cut technology feature, exporting files directly to WhatsApp, importing photos from the gallery so easily, various text features such as multiple color and size settings, and sharing stickers via special links for friends.

Stickers Makes For Whatsapp

The application is also not much different from other applications. This application also provides various tools that are very easy to use at once.

This application has thousands of sticker templates that you can use directly through the WhatsApp application.

Some of the features of this application that you can use include thousands of stickers that you can use, parts to add text, photos that you can take directly from the gallery, crop tool to remove background, and sharing for sticker packs.

Sticker Studio

The best sticker maker app that you can use to make stickers. This application has several features that you can use, such as the crop feature, making packs with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 30 stickers.

Touchscreen features for some crucial tools, features for adding text for unique stickers, and image scales that match the size of WhatsApp.

Those are some sticker maker applications that we can rely on to make our stickers on WhatsApp through our smartphones.

By using the application I suggested above, we can create our sticker designs.

Even we can also use our photos for us to use in making stickers on WhatsApp. Hopefully, the above information can be helpful; Friends of

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