8 Tourist Attractions in the Philippines, Complete with Natural Wonders

8 Tourist Attractions in the Philippines, Complete with Natural Wonders

Tourist attractions in the Philippines are dominated by natural attractions that are very spectacular, unusual, even extraordinary. And some of them get the best title in the world and 1 of 7 new natural wonders in the world.

Apart from the political constellation that has ever existed in the Philippines, it turns out that the tourist attractions are worthy of being on your next vacation plan list.

Of course, when the graph of the spread of Covid-19 has dropped, and the policy of tourist visits from between countries allows it.

8 Tourist Attractions in the Philippines

1. Intramuros


Intramuros - Tourist Attractions in the Philippines


Recommended tourist attractions in the Philippines, which are historical and instagramable, are Intramuros. An old city, historic and architecturally, and the atmosphere brings a Spanish flavor.

Not without reason for the taste. Because Intramuros is an old city in Manila, as well as a silent witness to the Spanish colonization of the Philippines for 300 years.

Intramuros is a fortress with an area of ​​4.5 kilometers, and inside there are other historical buildings, such as:

  • Church with UNESCO World Heritage Site status,
  • old Manila house,
  • prophet Isa painting,
  • fort Santiago,

Visitors can walk around the area, or by using a rickshaw. The atmosphere is comfortable and quiet.

  • The location of Intramuros is at the address City of Manila, Philippines.

2. Vigan


Vigan - Tourist Attractions in the Philippines


Another very historic old city in the Philippines, and a popular tourist destination among foreign tourists, the name is Vigan City.

The city of Vigan has earned the status of a World Heritage Site from UNESCO. Because the area has become a historical area, especially during the Spanish colonization of the Philippines.

The arrangement of the Vigan area is very detailed. Starting from the architecture of the building, ornaments, road conditions, to the layout of buildings, statues, to the philosophy of church layout.

The old city of Vigan is able to present a romantic and instagramable tour in the Philippines. Especially when the day begins to twilight, the lights start to turn on, then visitors will feel the atmosphere, and the view is very beautiful.

  • The location of Vidan Old Town is at the Address City of Vigan, Ilocos Sur, Philippines.

3. Banaue Rice Terraces


Banaue Rice Terraces - Tourist Attractions in the Philippines


The Philippines is one of the largest agricultural countries in Asia, especially rice. So, it’s only natural that there are tourist attractions in the Philippines in the form of rice terraces.

The name of the tourist spot is Banaue Rice Terraces. In addition to its very beautiful natural charm, Banaue Rice Terraces also gets the title as the highest terrace in the world.

In fact, not a few people call it a ladder to the sky. And it should be noted that the Philippines is capable of growing rice, with good yields, even without fertilizers.

  • The location of Banaue Rice Terraces is at Nueva Vizcaya, Ifugao, Mountain Province Rd, Banaue, Ifugao, Philippines.

4. Chocolate Hills


Chocolate Hills - Tourist Attractions in the Philippines


If you come to the Philippines during the dry season, then you will see thousands of brown hills. There are at least more than 1,260 brown hills in the area.

This very rare phenomenon is caused by the grass that covers the hill, turning brown during the dry season.

But during the rainy season, the color will return to green. Of course, the existence of Chocolate Hills can be an instagramable, rare, and spectacular natural setting.

The location of Chocolate Hills is at the address of Bohol Province, Philippines.

5. Mount Mayon


Mount Mayon - Tourist Attractions in the Philippines


A very hits and popular mountain in the Philippines is Mount Mayon. Why popular? because this mountain is called the most active volcano in this country.

Thus, climbing, or enjoying the charm of the beauty of Mount Mayon up close, is sometimes uncertain in time. This is for the safety of the visitors.

When tourists want to visit Mount Mayon, it is highly recommended to use the services of a guide. And even though you can enjoy the beauty of Mount Mayon from afar, the resulting view is still able to spoil the eyes.

  • The location of Mount Mayon is at the address of Albay Province, Philippines.

6. Siargao Island


Siargao Island - Tourist Attractions in the Philippines


Beach, island, and sea tourism in the Philippines which is very popular among tourists is Siargao Island. Its beauty is not trivial, because Siargao Island was once the best island in the world by the readers of Conde Nast Traveler magazine.

Siargao Island has a panoramic view of blue, clean seawater, and is surrounded by nature that is still well preserved. A romantic atmosphere is a nuance that you will feel when you are with your loved ones, while on Siargao Island.

You will find various tourist rides, as well as classy tourist facilities, such as resorts on Siargao Island. There is also a restaurant that serves seafood specialties.

  • Location Siargao Island is located on Siargao Island, Philippines.

7. Maria Cristina Falls


Maria Cristina Falls - Tourist Attractions in the Philippines


The recommended waterfall tourist spot in the Philippines is on the island of Mindanao, which is named Maria Cristina Waterfall. A waterfall that presents a spectacular natural charm.

Maria Cristina Waterfall has a height of 98 meters. Basically, visitors are allowed to swim in Maria Cristina Waterfall, but when the water is not heavy.

Therefore, a tourist visit to Maria Cristina Waterfall is recommended during March and April. In the area of ​​Mindanao Island, there are already various tourist facilities.

  • The location of Maria Cristina Waterfall is at the address Lanao del Norte, Philippines.
  • The price of admission to Maria Cristina Waterfall is 35 Pesos (Adult).

8. Puerto Princesa Underground River


Puerto Princesa Underground River - Tourist Attractions in the Philippines


The Puerto Princesa Underground River is a tourist spot in the Philippines that has been awarded the New 7 Wonders Of Nature. This is because the Puerto Princesa Underground River has several natural wonders as follows:

  • Has a two-level underground river flow,
  • Has a waterfall in a cave,

In addition, the location of the Puerto Princesa Underground River is located in the National Park on Mount Saint Paul, making it surrounded by natural scenery that is still well preserved.


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