9 Best Photo Editing and Sketching Apps

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Photo editing applications are applications that can help to give specific effects or improvements to your photos.Here, there are various photo editing applications. One of them is a photo editing application into a sketch. The sketch itself is the initial stage before painting, in the form of pencil strokes.

This type of application can help turn your photos into sketches to make them look more beautiful and aesthetic.
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Recommended Photo Editing Applications for the Best Paintings and Sketches

In addition to applications for converting photos into sketches, there are also photo editing applications for paintings. Are you interested in trying it? The following is a list of applications that you can use, along with their reviews.

Pencil Sketch

Pencil sketch app is a photo editing app that will help you turn your photos into sketches. This application has a simple interface so that you can use it easily.

This application will be beneficial because you don’t have to bother with editing. Several features are provided in the application itself, such as filters for colored sketches or black and white illustrations.

Another advantage of this application is that the tools provided are not too many. This will help you focus more on editing and don’t bother to learn how to use the app.

Camera Sketch

This application made by Pixellab was first released in July 2020. You can get the camera sketch app on the play store. The sketch camera application is not too big, only about 11 MB. This camera sketch can help you turn your photos into drawings with some artistic effects.

Not only turning photos into sketches, but the camera sketch application can also help turn your photos into cartoons, watercolor images, manga styles, and several other effects. The advantage of this application is that you can use these filters to take pictures of objects directly.

You can also use this application for the rear camera. So, you can use this application to edit photos and add photo filters to the camera. Are you interested in trying it? Immediately download it!

Prism Photo Editor

The next photo editing application, so the sketch is Prisma Photo Editor. This app is a popular app for photo editing, and it has many art styles that can help make your photos look even more attractive.

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Using this application will be easy for those of you who are used to doing photo editing, but it is pretty tricky and confusing for beginners. The reason is, there is no guide or tutorial on how to use it.

Prisma Photo Editor can turn your photos into pencil sketches and other cartoon styles. You can get it for free on google play, but you must be a premium subscriber of this application to unlock all the techniques.

photo-editing application to be the best painting

Cartoon CoolArt

Cartoon CoolArt can be an option for those who want to edit photos into contemporary sketch photos. The application, released in June 2012, is 20 MB in size and has been downloaded by more than 50 million users.

The Cartoon CoolArt application can turn your photos into sketch images, either color sketches or black and white. You will find three features in this application, namely Sketch, Doodle, and Hatch.

The sketch feature is a feature that can make your photos into sketches with good results and smooth edges. This feature is suitable for pictures with human objects. While doodle photos are ideal for nature pictures, hatches can be used in all images.

Sketch Photo Maker

This application made by Droid 8 Studio, as the name implies, is an application that will help you to edit photos into sketches. Not only that, but a sketch photo maker is also a photo editing application for a painting.

This application provides a variety of features. These filters range from artistic styles, pencil sketch styles, black and white and color, paint or painting, and other filters that you can try on photos.

You can directly share your photo edits to various social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, WA, and other social media.

This application is also straightforward to use, including for those of you who are beginners. You need to select the photo you want to edit, choose the filter you want to use, and complete the process. There are not many tools that are too complicated in this application.


This application is a photo editing application found on the iPhone. This photo editing app for painting has hundreds of filters that you can use to make your photos more interesting. ArtStudio also has hundreds of brushes that you can set the size and style of.

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Not only editing, but you can also use this application for drawing. Of course, this is very suitable for those of you who do have a hobby of drawing. More exclusive features will make it easier for you to turn photos into sketches or paintings.


Fuzel is a photo editing application for painting and sketching available on the iPhone and is not inferior to the previous two applications. This fuzel application has many interesting features that you can use in the photo editing process.

Among them are the creation of collages, labels, stickers, and other filters.
A vignette effect is also available in one of the features of this app. You can easily convert photos into sketches here through this feature. You also create animations from pictures because this feature is already available in the Library.


Fotosketcher is a photo editing application that you can use on your PC. This application is quite popularly used on windows 10. Many features are available in the fotosketcher application, namely pencil color sketches, which you can use to turn photos into painting sketches.

You can save this photo editing application into paintings and sketches in several formats. The formats provided include BMP, JPG, or it could be PNG format.


The last editing application that you will discuss is an application that you can use on a PC. This app can turn your photos into sketches quickly and easily. Not only that, but this application also has dozens of filter effects available for you to try.

XNSKetch is an application developed by XnView and is 3.6 MB in size. This application was first released in April 2014. Through this application, you can make photos into comics.

Another advantage of this application is that it is easy to use. So, even if you’ve never tried it, you shouldn’t have any trouble learning the tools first. At the same time, the effects available in this application are almost similar to hand sketches.

These applications are a list of photo editing applications into paintings and sketches that you can try.

According to the application specifications, friends of mihinoa.com can use it on Android, IOS, or PC. With the various features provided, please be creative and get your best editing results.

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