5 Tourist Attractions In Seoul, A Romantic City, That Are 500 Years Old

5 Tourist Attractions In Seoul

Tourist attractions in Seoul are indeed better known as contemporary tourist destinations. In fact, tourist attractions in Seoul are very diverse, ranging from historical sights, and natural attractions. It’s not wrong if Seoul is more synonymous with contemporary tourism. Because Seoul itself gets the title as one of the Digital-Cable Cities in the world. Seoul … Read more

5 Tourist Attractions in Japan, Classic, Artistic, Romantic

Tourist Attractions in Japan

Tourist attractions in Japan are very diverse. Although Japan is known as a country with extraordinary technological advances, the popular tourist attractions in Japan are those with classic, romantic themes. In addition, in the midst of rapid modernization, tourist attractions in Japan still maintain the old culture that has existed for a long time. This … Read more

Frugal Travel Tips For San Francisco

frugal travel tips

San Francisco is my favorite city hugging the west coast. It is also one of the most expensive especially for hotels. Lucky for the frugal traveler, many of the sights are free. Note: When I first went to San Francisco (driving up from L.A.), I was very surprised by the decrease in temperature. Check the … Read more

7 Best Sticker Maker Apps on Whatsapp

Best Sticker Maker Apps on Whatsapp

To chat and communicate with friends, of course, we often use the Whatsapp application. Even now, it’s not just writing on Whatsapp. To be more exciting on the sidelines of the chat, sometimes we use the sticker feature provided by Whatsapp so that the conversation does not become dry. Chatting using stickers or emojis makes … Read more