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Do you have any future plans after graduating from high school? Some people may answer yes. The rest say no or hesitate to answer. When talking about future plans, it often becomes a topic that is quite scary for some people. However, the fear here is a natural thing because many factors need to be considered and considered. Especially if later the plans that have been made are not realized, this is what makes a person reluctant or lazy to plan his future.

This time will help you to make future plans so that they can quickly realize them. Although fear arises when making future life plans, there is nothing wrong if you try. This plan can later help you find a direction in life to help you anticipate problems that may arise. No need to be confused or feel intimidated when making it. Here are four easy ways to plan for the future in the style of

How to Plan the Future of the Rich

How to Plan the Future of the Rich

The fundamental question that is often heard is what the difference between the rich and the poor is? The answer is, there are many differences. Next, can everyone be rich? The answer is, of course, you can. Whoever and however the person, they can become rich. On a note, they are willing and have a solid determination to undergo several things that need to be done to achieve their dream of becoming a rich person.

As a first step, you must have and design a future plan before going any further into action. The planning part is the beginning that requires special attention and concentration from you.

Therefore, if you want to be successful, have a promising future and dreams, and become rich, you have to start planning your plans. Planning for the future can help a person to prepare and stay focused on achieving his goals. You can try to do the following steps to make a practical life plan.

Future Planning

Everyone wants to have a promising future. Therefore, it is necessary to plan and make or plan for the future well. This is very useful to help you have a guide, guide, or reference for your future and achievable dreams.

  • Can you start by thinking about what you want to do and achieve in your future?
  • Then try to remember it again or write it down in a memo; what kind of future do you want to live?
  • After that, save and pray all the lot and dreams you want to feel when that future will come soon.

Future Arrangements

If you have planned, then organize your future. This is very important to do. Because with the arrangement, then all the future that you dream of, there is a possibility to be realized.

  • How do you achieve that future? You can write it down in concrete steps.
  • Then what are the obstacles that may occur when trying to achieve this dream? If so, how do you anticipate it?
  • Are there concrete actions that must be taken when your future is far from your plans?

Slowly but surely, do the plan. It is important to remember that taking decisive steps and acting by future arrangements made is essential. Because to reach the future, the real action is needed.

Future Implementation

This stage is considered the most enjoyable stage because, at this stage, you can already run and enjoy all the results of the plans that have been successfully made. When you have enjoyed the opportunity and experience through the beautiful future that has been given, then don’t forget always to be grateful.

What you need to instil is an attitude of gratitude in yourself. This is important so that you have confidence that everything is a gift from the Almighty.

In addition, at this stage too, it does not mean that you can relax and relax in living your own life. Precisely when your dreams come true, you need to have a higher spirit of achievement for life in the following year.

Future Monitoring

All events that have occurred or are currently occurring need and must always receive regular monitoring. Let all the events that have happened go well according to your wishes and initial plans for your future.

Next, you can start rechallenging yourself:

  • What achievements must be achieved?
  • Then, what is your next dream for the following years?
  • Finally, what kind of future needs to be performed again after completing the previous plans?

Life motivation is needed at this stage to encourage you to have a new plan for your next life.

Tips for Planning the Future After Graduating High School

In a way, where to go after graduating from high school has always been an unanswered question for most high school students, especially those who are still in grade 12. Moreover, our society is still holding on to only two choices, namely continuing college or working.

The plan after graduating from high school is not only limited to those two choices. You can explore more options that will lead you to a bigger ultimate goal regarding the future. You can find out what do you want to do after high school? Are there future plans after graduating from high school?

Start by listening to your heart first. After all, it’s about you and your future. You are the one who will live it, so decide wisely before actually starting to move. Check out these tips for planning for the future after graduating from high school for those of you who are still confused about where to start.

Set Your Goals Early

Just imagine if you are driving a vehicle but have no destination. Indeed you will wander around aimlessly. In addition to wasting time, vehicle fuel will also decrease.

Likewise, with a life that has no purpose, of course, you will go round and round doing the same thing. It doesn’t look exciting, and you will drain energy for something that does not produce results. Therefore, set your goals from now on both for the long and short term.

For example, if you are a girl who is still in high school, your plans could be something like this:

  • Passed the entrance exam majoring in economics at the State University
  • Completed college in 4 years
  • Have your own house when you are 30 years old

Planning for the future well is to take advantage of young age. If you currently have excess energy to work or move, do it from now on. Try to have a picture of the future in the next five or ten years. With this picture, you can determine the steps to achieve it.

It’s good to live in the present and enjoy it, but don’t get too carried away by it. More or less, when you are young, you have to be what you want to be when you are old. Remember, you can not repeat time, make the best of it. You can start by studying harder and joining organizations to train leadership.

Have a Positive Motivation and Mindset

Suppose you want to be an expert in planning for the future from an early age; determination or positive thoughts to succeed also significantly influence. The conclusion here must be accompanied by an injection of motivation that never stops.

How to instil it in yourself, of course, by learning a lot from experts or successful figures who are full of motivation. You can start by mapping the future through watching videos of successful figures and understanding their mindset.

Find out Interests and Talents

Furthermore, knowing your interests and talents from an early age is one of the best provisions for the future. With thorough knowledge of interests and skills, you will determine what further education and work to pursue.

Education or work that matches your talents and interests will make you happier to do it. That way, the stress will not be too high. For example, if your talent interest in writing, then you can major in literature or language. That way, in the end, your interests and talents will help you to become a writer as a permanent job.

You should also note that if your future is in a field that matches your passion, you will be happier to run it. Being in a lot that fits your love can make you more productive and feel like just playing. But at this point, it is necessary to distinguish between passion and hobby so as not to make the wrong choice.

Hobbies are pleasures that you do in your spare time. Meanwhile, passion is a pleasure that is willing to be done even though it is not paid for but can be a field of income. Hobbies, although fun, may not necessarily generate money.

Keep Upgrading Skills

After knowing your talent interests and majors or dream job, the next step is to hone your skills or skills. Improving this skill will undoubtedly help your work a lot to make it easier.

Start by sorting what skills you want to learn according to priority. After that, you can sharpen them one by one. No need to rush. Make the process of honing these skills lifelong learning, as people say, slowly but surely.

Be sensitive to future trends and careers

In addition to the aspiration to work in a field that matches your interests, talents and passions, planning for the future from an early age also requires careful reading of future career opportunities or trends. Of course, it will be a little sad if the field you want to work in in the future is replaced by technological sophistication. Therefore, broaden your horizons with a future career, technology and business information obtained from the internet, magazines or television news.

After finding out about the trends and your future career, don’t forget to make it happen. One way to make your plans come true is to diligently record what your goals are in the future. Do not let the ideals just be buried in the mind or wishful thinking. If necessary, write it down and paste it on the wall of the room that you can see every day so that you are always motivated.

After taking notes, start to realize the plans one by one by making a priority scale which you must achieve first. This order of priority is critical to make you not too burdened to do everything simultaneously.

With a priority scale, the next important thing is that you also need to focus on every goal you want to realize. Instead of doing many plans simultaneously, you should focus on one goal until it becomes better. Doing a lot of programs will only make your steps slower and heavier.

Also, don’t forget to stay focused on the present. This is no less important. Because if you have experienced failure in the past, get up immediately. You don’t need to remember anymore. Just make it learning so that you are more careful in the future to realize your dreams.

Of course, each plan has its own set of obstacles and challenges. It would help if you also did regular evaluations because this is part of future planning. That way, you can find out where the weaknesses and strengths lie for what you’ve done. For example, for an annual goal, you can evaluate it every three months. Meanwhile, for weekly purposes, you can determine them every weekend.

And most importantly, reaching for the future is very important. But enjoying each process is equally important. If your plan is excellent and challenging enough, then it may take quite a long time. Enjoying every process will make your steps less burdensome. In addition, this will also give you many beautiful memories in the future. So, enjoy the process even though many obstacles must be passed and overcome.

Pursuing goals without proper preparation will only waste time. Instead, in addition to purposes, you also need to prepare savings. This is also part of planning for the future early on that needs to be done. You can open a savings account and set aside some of your income or maybe pocket money for students to support their financial needs later. By making savings or simple investments such as gold are some other ways that you can do to prepare capital.

In addition, you can also start thinking about financial plans when you can no longer work later—one of them by having insurance. Because insurance can help your financial problems in the future, no one knows what will happen next; anticipating things that are not desirable can also be on your priority list to plan a promising future. Insurance here is not only about health but also education insurance, vehicle insurance, home insurance, and other insurances that suit your needs.

You can start looking for information related to insurance that you want to have—no need to worry. On, you can find this information only with a smartphone and internet access. The insurance provided is also diverse and from various well-known insurance companies in Indonesia. In addition, you can also read more on the There is a variety of detailed information regarding the types of insurance.

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