Legal protection for SMEs

Legal protection for SMEs

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SMEs are often not adequately insured!

Most people have one insurance (usually several): car insurance , liability insurance, life insurance. What you need and what you don’t need is usually carefully weighed up, consultations are arranged, offers are obtained, and contracts are concluded.

It often looks different with companies . Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular – and that is 75% of companies in Italy – that do not have their own responsibility for this area tend to choose their insurance policies less carefully. It is not uncommon for certain risks to be overlooked, while other areas are even overinsured for the sake of simplicity. This leads to unnecessarily high costs without achieving really comprehensive coverage.

3 tips for the right legal protection insurance!

Every company is unique

In short, there are no standard business degrees (at least there shouldn’t be). Every company differs due to its structure, its personnel, its activities and specializations. It is therefore absolutely recommendable to discuss these specifics with your insurance partner and to draw up an individual contract. In the manufacturing industry in particular, the difference between insured and uninsured damage is often a question of formulation.

Also insure indirect damage

When machines are damaged or destroyed, the damage often goes far beyond its actual value. Production downtimes, delivery bottlenecks, order losses, loss of market share and the resulting damage to the image are specific aspects that need to be taken into account. Here the damage values quickly become extremely high. You should choose the coverage amount accordingly.

Legal protection, legal protection, legal protection

For an employer, every accident at work results in a procedure. These processes are often lengthy and stressful. Therefore, appropriate protection is crucial for this area. It is essential that you also insure: gross negligence. Because accidents usually happen when safety regulations are NOT adhered to. To have no protection in such cases is actually negligent! For this reason, this point is always expressly included in Allianz insurance .


The protection must suit your company and should be worked out individually for your risk profile. Our specialists will be happy to advise you and work with you to draw up an appropriate protection plan.

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