12 Best Moving Photo Editing Applications

Let’s Try, 12 Best Moving Photo Editing Applications

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Posting pictures or moving photos has become commonplace on social media. Are you curious about how to make moving photos? Many use applications for moving images. You just click there and click here and it’s done. Because the basic is an application so you can edit using a smartphone. You can download the application first on the Play Store or App Store.

Some applications are free and paid. If you want to get a full-featured and ad-free, of course, a paid application is the choice. But if you just want to try to make and for personal use a free application is fine too.

Collection of the Best Moving Photo Editing Apps

Making moving photos doesn’t always mean you have to use expensive editing software. Some free applications you can actually use and the method is very easy. Those of you who don’t have reliable editing skills can still create moving images.

In order not to be out of date with other friends, you can choose some of the following moving photo applications.


This first mobile photo editing application has a size of 66.8 MB and you can get it on Google Play. It has a rating of 4.5, quite good for a free application. What you will get here is to convert the moving photo into 3D.

There are more than 200 filters that you can use to make photos even more beautiful. If you have finished editing and making moving photos, you can save them in GIF format. All these features provided will make the photo look realistic even if the original is 2D.

StorZ Photo Motion

If you ask other experienced people, most of them will definitely use this moving photo editing app. Because this application is the first to be used to create moving images.

There are many advanced features that you can use and they are easy to set up. The visual effects are the best and plus there is a feature to change the background. To be more stable, developers add audio features so that moving images are more real.


You don’t need to be an expert in editing, just with Zoetropic you can create cinematic moving images. How to make photos move with this application is to determine the point of motion only. You can mark the static area using the mask feature after that, just set the motion.

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You can get a dramatic impression by choosing the audio that has been provided. The size of this application is quite small at 38 MB and has received a 4.1 rating on the Google Play Store. Curious to use this application? Just download it right away.


This moving photo editing application is the lightest in size, only 19 MB. Even so, this app provides excellent features to make moving images even more real. For those of you who have a smartphone with a small memory, it’s better to choose this application.

How to use it is also similar to the Zeotropic application, namely masking and then the area will move. Another feature is the loop effect and the integrated video camera which results are very clear.

Live Motion Picture

A mobile photo editing application that provides simple features, so you can use it but can’t add audio. Those of you who want to learn how to creatively create moving images can use this application.

The size is only 6.1 MB and you can download it on the Play Store. Lots of additional animations available in the library. There are even photos that you can edit in the gallery. When you’re done, you can directly share it on social media.

Pixel Motion

Want to get cool filters? PicMotion could be the right choice for you. You can edit photos and add cool cinematographic effects. There are also moving wallpapers and moving themes that you can embed.

This application has also received a rating of 4.6 on the Play Store, so many are satisfied with its features. You can also check user reviews directly on the Play Store.

Plot Averse

This best mobile photo editing application is only available for iPhone, so those of you who use nandroid should look for other applications. In this application the features presented are very good. To edit photos and turn them into moving images there are options for brightening images, instant laybacks and much more.

Not only GIF format that you will get, but you can also save files in PNG and MP4 formats. That’s really cool. If you don’t want to edit through the application, you can also go through the web directly.

Motion Picture Pro

As the name implies, an application that is able to load moving images looks professional. The result is like you are a professional editor. In the Play Store this application has received a rating of 4.4.

How to make moving photos with this application is very easy, you can select photos from the gallery and edit. The results can be saved in GIF and video formats. You can also choose the resolution of the output image to make it look more brilliant.

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Providing more than 100 effects that you can use, developers continue to add effects. To use it you just need to select one of the photos in the gallery then just select the effect you like and the job is done.

This application, which has been downloaded by more than one million people, has a 4.5 rating on the Play Store. So guaranteed not to be disappointed with the effects that have been provided. The latest cinematography trends as well as animated images are also available.


This moving image application is more about animation effects, both photos and videos. You can change the background of the photo with the effects that have been provided and there are a lot of them. The cinematic themes are also quite complete from the filters that might be in the cellphone’s default camera.

With the addition of loop animation effects, images can be moved. The 3D display also makes your work more interesting. You can use still photos and magically turn them into motion pictures.

Gif Me! Camera

Moving photo editing application with GIF output. If you usually only see or get sent GIF images, now you can make your own. The difference with other applications is, you can make it directly with the camera.

This application is integrated with the live camera so you don’t have to bother with editing. When shooting you can adjust the speed of motion, additional images up to 150 shots and additional filters. All the results are beautiful.

Talking Photo from Meing

Want to post a funny video? You need to take advantage of this one application. All funny video posts that you see from other accounts can be created using the Talking Photo from Meing application.

How to make photos move because this application will take photos that move right and left. Photos will immediately change like a moving image. What’s more, you can add audio and text.

So for example, if you take a photo of people, it’s as if they were singing according to the text you added. This application is most often used to prank friends, so if you want funny videos this application is best suited.

Are you sure you’re still confused about how to make moving photos? Not anymore, because you only need to choose one application here. And the fun part is that most of these apps are free. You can make funny, cinematic or scary videos even from a photo.

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