Pension Why surely!

Pension? Why surely!

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It isn’t easy to plan for something that will not be useful for many years to come. A lot can happen during this time. Demands can change. Plans can change. But one thing is sure: the state pension will be more insecure than secure. So if you don’t want to / can’t rely on many children as a pension, you need additional private insurance.
But how can you estimate how much you have to put aside today to have enough to live on in 30 or 40 years? Who says that the company I take out insurance with will still exist?
We give you four valuable tips on what to consider when choosing your old-age insurance.

Check your current situation carefully.

There are – thank goodness – a relatively large number of safeguards that a regular employee has in hand. On the one hand, the state INPS, but also the aggressive clearance in the company. Here it would help if you decided as early as possible how you want to keep this. Leave it in operation (then in the event of bankruptcy, it may be gone) or pay into a pension fund? Perhaps your employer will pay into another form of insurance? Find out exactly what to expect financially in retirement. Also, consider potential inheritances, savings accounts and other assets that are available to you. Be sure to note the reduction in purchasing power due to inflation. Even with a low decrease, there will still be noticeable effects in several decades. Also, check the tax and normative aspects carefully.

Calculate your needs

How large will the sum be that you will have at your disposal after entering the pension? How big should it be so that you can afford your idea of a dignified retirement? Define a realistic amount that you would like to have available to cover the running costs on the one hand and to be able to enjoy a certain level of prosperity on the other. Is there a difference between the ACTUAL and the TARGET situation? If not, you can probably do without any further protection. If so, you should find a way to fill this gap with coverage.

Do you have a plan B

Are you well protected? Perfect! Of course, we’re not assuming – but what if you die before you reach retirement age? Who will then get access to the saved capital? What if you have a long-term care case before reaching retirement age? Make sure to protect yourself and your loved ones against such cases too! Also, carefully examine the cost of such a guarantee.

Check carefully with whom you are tackling this long-term project.

Let us calculate precisely what costs will arise over the years. Also, take a look at the provider’s returns, rating, and financial reserves as well. We are often cautious when choosing our dentist or hairdresser: the one in whose hands you place your future should be as trustworthy as possible!

Allianz – solid and reliable since 1890

Our partner, Allianz is one of the oldest and most reliable insurance companies globally – and the only one with an AA rating. Allianz has proven time and again in the past that with its enormous reserves, it can make extreme payments at any time (earthquake in San Francisco in 1906, sinking of the Titanic in 1912 or the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001).

With this solid insurance in your back, we will be happy to advise you without obligation on recording your actual and target situation and work with you to develop an individual insurance for old age.

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