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Recommended 13 Lightweight PC Video Cutter Applications, Let’s Check

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There are a lot of people today who work as content creators. One type of content that is created on the internet and has a lot of fans is video.

There are also many types of pc video cutter applications that you can use to make a video more interesting to watch.

But unfortunately, of the many types of applications that you can use to cut a video via a PC, some have poor quality services and tend to disappoint.

For this reason, we collect information about the recommendations for the best applications to edit and cut your video content with a satisfactory service.

13 Recommended Lightweight PC Video Cutter Applications

For a content creator, a lightweight pc video cutter application has a vital role in helping them make their content better and more enjoyable.

You can choose the type of application that has a spare capacity. There are many useful features and can be used for free.

The following is a recommended application for cutting videos that you can do using a PC.


It was one of the leading free software that is recommended for use by novice Windows OS users.

Because even though this PC video cutter application is light in size, its features are very satisfying to use.

You can use it easily even if you are a beginner because it has a simple user interface and is easy to learn.


VideoPad is a video editing application that is very easy to use.

Many content creators are interested in using this application to help their work because of the exciting features that are pretty intuitive embedded in the application.

This application provides valuable transitions and special effects that are guaranteed to make your video content better quality.

Among the exciting features in it are visual effects, adding video text, various transition effects, editing 3-dimensional videos, etc.

Windows Movie Maker

As the name implies, you must have guessed that this application is only specifically for Windows users.

The video editing results are excellent, excellent, and full of high creation, making this application highly recommended for content creators for Windows users.

One of the exciting things about using this application is that the user interface is quite simple and concise—no wonder novice content creators widely target this application in this field.

Wondershare Filmora

A lightweight and easy to use pc video cutter application. For you Windows users, this application is recommended but is limited to Windows 7, 8, and 10 only.

Wondershare Filmora can be one of your mainstay video editing applications for creating professional-class video content.

Even so, this application is good enough to be used by beginners or even professionals.

As for some of its features, such as the 300 effects feature that content creators widely use.

There are also features of filters, overlays, transitions, mosaics, motion effects, and face-offs which are special tools to make your videos even more beautiful.

Corel Video Studio

Indeed you are familiar with the name of this application. Yes, Corel is known as superior software for editing images or videos.

However, this vendor also has a PC video cutter application that is used specifically for PCs.

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This application has a lightweight and easy-to-learn interface. So many recommend it for use by beginners and professionals, though.

At first glance, the appearance of this application is quite simple. But once you open it and start using it, it has tons of powerful features.

Among them are Creativity options, effects, freeze frames, screen capture, score filters, etc.

AceMovi Video Editor

This video editing application is highly recommended for those who want to use video editing applications but are constrained by low computer specifications.

Because the conditions for downloading this application on your PC are specifications with a 1 GHz processor, 1024 × 768 pixel monitor screen, and 512 MB RAM only.

This application has the type of features that are relatively complete and sophisticated. Still, to be able to use the service of this application in full, you must subscribe first by paying a certain amount of funds.

You can also try the trial version to find out the experience of using this application.

The advanced features in the AceMovi Video Editor application include adding effects, transitions, cutting videos, adding text or song sounds, recording screens, to sharing video content directly to various existing social media.


Avidemux is included in a series of applications for editing videos on PCs that can be easily used at the same time for free.

But even though this application looks simple and provides its services for free, the features in it are pretty capable, and it’s a shame if you miss it.

The Avidemux developers themselves have designed this PC video cutter application so that it has advanced and complete video editing features and is easy for various users to use.

That’s why this application is also recommended for both beginners and professionals in the content creator field.

The features in this application include cutting videos, inserting filters, and coding in making videos for your content.

Adobe Premiere Pro

This application is one of the reliable video editing applications with spare capacity and is easy to use by any user.

This application, which is also free during its initial use, provides various advanced and latest features to support professional-grade video creation.

The latest Adobe Premiere Pro application has 4k video support, color grading features, and Lumetri Color.

This application is also equipped with the Adobe Media Encoder feature and can provide services for presets and video editing for green screen purposes.

This application can also quickly join other application users by using the file storage feature to cloud computing.

AVS Video Editor

This one application is also recommended for users of video editing applications on PCs with low specifications.

This application is relatively easy to use so that various groups can use it.

In the application, there is one excellent feature of the application, namely the video cache feature. That is a feature that provides services for users to edit videos with full HD resolution, which will undoubtedly spoil your eyes more.

This application with a high video editing speed can also cut, provide text, insert audio, separate videos, and make videos better and interesting for internet users to see.

Pinnacle studio

This pinnacle studio application is one of the leading applications in terms of video editing because of its easy interface, so novice videographers widely choose it.

The mainstay features, such as deleting unwanted scenes, inserting audio or text, 2-dimensional transitions, or creating photo slideshows, can also be done using this PC video cutter application.

This application can be used for free you can use it easily because of its interface, which is relatively easy to learn.

To use it, at the beginning of installing, you must first register as a user.

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Then if you want to get the latest version and full features, you have to pay a separate fee.

This application is recommended for those who want to learn the basics of video editing without going through the application of features or applications that are difficult to do.

Sony Vegas pro

This application developed by Sony does have many advanced features and is quite complete for video editing needs.

Some video experts suggest that this application should only be used by professionals, considering its features must be used with unique skills.

To use this application service, you must first buy a license so that you get permission to use its full features.

Among the types of reliable features in this application is the animation feature that works automatically.


If you’ve just started your video content creation activity and are confused about which app is best for your needs, then the Lightworks app is highly recommended for you.

This application has a spare capacity but with features that are rich in more functions for video editing.

The features in this application include the preview feature, timeline, effects, media, and so on, which are suitable for being the best facility for editing your content videos.

CyberLink PowerDirector

Then the last type of application that is good for your video editing needs is CyberLink PowerDirector.

This application is highly recommended for use by those who have never even done any video editing.

You can use it easily and operate it on a PC without going through stages that are pretty confusing for a beginner.

Its light capacity allows you to use it without worrying about the application lags in the middle of the editing process.
Practical Tips to Become a Good Video Editor with a Lightweight PC Video Cutter App

Video editing skills are not the kind of abilities that can be obtained instantly.

Some so many editors have to fight hard to have special skills in editing so they can make an excellent and exciting video.

The following are some tips that you can do to become a good and quality video editor with a pc video cutter application.

Make a story

In the video, of course, there is a concept of the story that you want to convey to the video’s audience.

Then make a story with supporting factors in the form of pictures or scenes that support the development of the story you are making.

Use pictures or scenes that match the story

Often, the editor uses too many images that unfortunately have no connection with the story they raise.

Even if the reason is as a decoration or a sweetener for the video, it is better to remove the image if it has nothing to do with the concept of the story in the video.

Understand the visual language

In video editing activities, visual language is essential to learn and master properly. With visual language, you will be able to edit and create an excellent and professional video.

Always learn from various sources

Many sources can be used as references to learn video editing.

You should be able to learn from anywhere, anyone and anytime, to enrich your knowledge and experience in video editing.

Keep practicing editing

Then the last tip is to try to keep practicing video editing.

Even though Friends of may feel that they are capable or expert in that field, it is not a reason to stop practicing video editing with a PC video cutter application to become even better.

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