Retirement planning - what you can do

Retirement planning – what you can do

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Why everything was better in the past (this time really) and why you absolutely have to make private provision – and how!

The society of the western industrialized countries is getting older. We have long since developed from the demographic ideal of a pyramid (many children and numerous middle-aged people, some old people) to something that is more like an onion (some young people, many people of advanced, middle-aged, relatively many older people ). This development will continue and will put the state pension systems to the test, because there are fewer and fewer people who have to pay the pension for more and more people.

It gets worse rather than better

The result: pensions fall, retirement age rises, only those with a tendency to earn well can expect a pension above the subsistence level. Gone are the days when you could live well off your retirement after 40 years of work.

At the same time, the cost of living also increases. Housing is expensive in South Tyrol and many people are not able to buy their own home so that they at least not have to pay rent later.

Job? It’s complicated

The labor market is also on the move. In the past, you could still rely on the fact that after several decades in the same company you would receive a large severance payment when you left the company, which was good enough to survive, today it is much smaller. On the one hand, through the often only temporary employment, on the other hand, through the now regular job changes, in which the severance pay is often used to make a major expense or to plug financial holes.

Prepare for your pension yourself

It is therefore urgently advisable to make provision for retirement yourself – and to do so as early as possible. Even € 50 / month can make a huge difference in old age.

Great importance should be attached to the reliability of the service provider. Our partner, Allianz, has guaranteed stable services and payments since 1890. As the largest insurance company in Europe with more than 85 million customers, you can be sure that your money will actually be available later.

We would be happy to advise you

We have a variety of interesting insurance options for you to choose from, individually and depending on your financial possibilities and wishes.

Talk to our experts, we will work with you to develop an individual plan for the later protection. Which basic needs have to be covered? What role does a tax advantage play? How important is short-term availability?

Arrange your non-binding consultation appointment with us in Bozen, Auer, Kaltern, Appiano or the Sarntal today.

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